We are delighted to announce a big step towards reducing our environmental impact with the introduction of recyclable packaging.

As of September 2018, we are no longer using black plastic pots for our branded Castle MacLellan products and instead now offer our pâté range in opaque clear plastic pots. Our pâté products are also housed in a cardboard sleeve, which is also widely recyclable.

Elaine McConnell, General Manager at Castle MacLellan, said: “Reducing our environmental impact is incredibly important to us at Castle MacLellan. Sustainability is a large part of who we are and so that extends to our packaging too.

“In the future, we’d ultimately love to eliminate plastic from our branded products completely and this move sets us one step closer to that vision. Rest assured though, the pâté inside our new pot is the same high-quality, delicious product our customers know and love.”

Black plastic gets its colour from carbon black pigments which can’t be identified and sorted by systems used widely in plastics recycling and therefore ends up as residue and is disposed of in landfill. By switching to opaque clear plastic packaging, we will reduce our non-recyclable packaging waste by 2.3 million units.

Based in Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland, we have been producing our renowned high-quality range of pâtés for over 30 years. Using only the freshest ingredients, with impeccable attention to detail, our products are just as irresistibly tasty as the moment they left our chef’s kitchen for the first time.