Chicken Pâté & Haggis Pastry Bites



Chicken Pâté & Haggis Pastry Bites

Servings 4 pastry bites


  • 100 g Castle MacLellan Chicken Liver Pâté
  • 200 g Haggis
  • 1 pack Shop Bought Pastry
  • 1 tsp Chopped Parsley
  • Egg Yolk To Glaze
  • Black Onion Seeds For Garnish


  1. Unwrap the puff pastry sheet and roll out.

  2. Mix the pate and haggis together in a bowl and then roll into a sausage shape, approx. 30mm in diameter.

  3. Wrap the puff pastry around the sausage shaped filling.

  4. Seal with egg glaze and then glaze the outside.

  5. Slice into approx. 3cm sausage roll shapes.

  6. Bake in the oven (200c fan) for 10 to 12 minutes or until golden brown.


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22nd January 2020

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