Boxing Day Toasties


Boxing Day Toasties

Servings 2 people


  • 4 slices white bloomer loaf
  • 100 g Castle MacLellan Chicken Liver Pate
  • Few slices cooked turkey
  • 50 g Stilton crumbled
  • Cranberry sauce with port or Christmas Chutney
  • Salad leaves to serve


  1. Under a preheated grill, lightly toast the slices of bread on each side.

  2. Divide the pate between 2 of the toasted bloomer slices, and spread generously.

  3. Top with cooked turkey slices and crumbled Stilton and heat under a medium hot grill until the cheese is lightly golden and bubbling.

  4. Serve the toasties with a generous spoonful of cranberry sauce or Chutney, top with remaining 2 slices of toasted bloomer and serve with salad leaves on the side.

  5. Tips: Spread a Cranberry sauce or chutney over the Chicken Liver Pate before topping with the turkey slices and cheese.

    Add some leftover stuffing to the sandwich, if liked.

    Use grated cheddar in place of Stilton.


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16th December 2020

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