Scottish pâté experts Castle MacLellan has unveiled a brand-new range of Light Pâtés.

Now on shelves in Waitrose & Partners stores up and down the country, Castle MacLellan Light Pâtés come in three delicious flavours and are all less than 170 calories per 100g pot, a source of protein and have 30% less fat than its standard products.

Castle MacLellan’s Light Salmon Pâté with Red Pepper is a moist pâté with the perfect balance of smoked and poached salmon with added chunks of juicy red pepper; its Light Tuna Pâté’s distinctive tuna flavour is balanced with a hint of mild mustard and lemon juice; and its new Light Chicken Liver Pâté teams chicken liver with apple jelly and brandy for a hint of sweetness.

Elaine McConnell, general manager at Castle MacLellan, said: “We’re delighted to launch our brand-new Light range in stores today ahead of what we expect to be a fantastic Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight. “With more and more people watching what they eat, we wanted to make sure they were able to eat a healthy, balanced diet but still indulge in luxurious pâté. With less than 170 calories per pot for each flavour, our Light Pâtés are perfect for a guilt-free snack, a low-fat, tasty addition to meals or a wonderfully light show-stopper when entertaining guests.”