Scottish Pâté business, Castle MacLellan, surprised two local charities with donations totaling to £135,000.

On 21st December 2022, Castle MacLellan surprised Galloway Mountain Rescue and Dumfries & Galloway Mental Health Association, with a share of the company’s profits.

As the pâté producer is owned by the Kavli Trust, all profits go to charity and other good causes in the UK and around the world.  The local charities were nominated by employees, with each of the chosen charities applying to receive funding and detailing how the money would be spent.

Castle MacLellan surprised local charity, Galloway Mountain Rescue Team, with £75,000. The donation will go towards various equipment including an all-weather drone, a raft and trailer for the Swiftwater team, defibrillators, and various technical rescue equipment.

The second charity, Dumfries & Galloway Mental Health Association, was given £60,000. They plan to use the donation to fund refurbishments and equipment for their shops, as well as providing mindfulness benches.

Earlier in 2022, Castle MacLellan donated a total of £105,000 to three local businesses. Factory operations manager Sam Warren said “Despite the ongoing cost of living crisis and its effect on businesses, we felt it was only right to increase the amount we donated, ensuring those who need it most are well looked after. We’ve donated to two more fantastic local charities this year, chosen by our team, who were keen to make sure the impact of the donations can be felt in our region.”

Castle MacLellan became a member of the Kavli Group in 1997, which shares all its profit with good causes both in the UK and around the world. As the business continues to grow, it will continue to support those in need.