Wild Mushroom Soup with Garlic Croutons

Mushroom Soup

This tasty recipe is perfect for those cold wintery days.

Dust lightly with cinnamon when serving for that extra special touch.




  • 1 Tub of Castle MacLellan Mushroom Pâté
  • 5g Dried Wild Mushrooms
  • 150ml Cold Water
  • 50ml Single Cream (reserve a little for serving)
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Fresh Thyme, to garnish 



  1. Soften the dried wild mushrooms in water, leave to soak for 10 minutes until softened.
  2. Add 1 tub of Castle MacLellan Mushroom Pâté to a sauce pan with cream and the softened wild mushrooms (add any liquid as well). Heat on a low heat, season with salt and pepper to taste. Don’t boil the product just heat at a gentle simmer.
  3. When all the ingredients have combined in the sauce pan and are hot enough, liquidise using a food processor or hand blender (caution as the soup will be very hot) until the mushroom pieces are flecks rather than pieces. Serve in a large bowl with garlic croutons, thyme and a swirl of cream and dust lightly with cinnamon.

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