- Good Causes -

 Castle MacLellan is owned by the Kavli Trust which supports good causes both in the UK and abroad.

About the Kavli Trust

The Kavli Trust was set up by the Kavli family in 1962 to carry forward the philanthropic work of the founders. The Kavli Trust has donated funds to many worthwhile causes – see our Case Studies for a handful of the charities that we are so proud to be involved with.

How it works

The Kavli Trust owns the Kavli Group, which provides the funds for its humanitarian work. Part of the profits from the Kavli group is reinvested in strengthening and developing the groups operations, while the remainder is donated to good causes in research, culture and humanitarian work.

Grants from the trust have been risen substantially in recent years. NOK 25 million (about £2.5 million) was distributed in 2012 for humanitarian, research and culture projects.


Support poor and disadvantaged people in the global south and in the Kavli countries.


Support research in important social areas which can benefit humanity. Prevent and combat serious illnesses and damage caused by modern lifestyle. 


Support to cultural activities which enrich and stimulate society.


Click here to find out more about The Kavli Trust.


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