Case Studies

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Maternal Mortality Projects

We support effective mother and child projects in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Niger and Bangladesh.

Maternal Mortality

Projects include efforts to prevent complications and death in connection with pregnancy and birth. Developing health workers, especially those working on the front lines. Low-cost, low-tech solutions to save lives during pregnancy, at birth and immediately after birth. Strengthen health systems.

Kirkcudbright Swimming Pool

Colin Wyper (General Manager, Kirkcudbright Swimming Pool), met with Elaine McConnell and Paul Lewney of Kavli UK to formalise plans for the development work that will take place at the local pool and fitness centre.


Local residents and friends of the swimming pool worked for 10 years to raise money to build the facility, which opened in 1997 and is now sustained by local residents, with donations and support through a charity shop in the town of Kirkcudbright, where Castle MacLellan is based. A new biomass heating system has recently been built to reduce environmental impact and heating costs and with the help of The Kavli Trust a new gymnasium area is being developed that will focus of improving the fitness and health of the town’s residents.

Speed School in Burkina Faso

Speed school provides intensive learning for dropouts.

Speed School

Teaching starts in their native language with local teachers and close cooperation with the authorities. Until now, 4200 children are helped to a new future. The programme will continue until 2016 and another 5200 children to be included and a youth programme will be established.


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